Dr. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated October Newsletter

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Home and School Meeting Thursday October 19

Open the following document to see information regarding the next Home and School Meeting on Thursday, October 19 at 5:15 pm.

Stand Up, Speak out 2017

On Thursday, September 14th, students in CCRSB took part in the Stand Up, Speak Out Day.  This year's theme was" What's your story?"  At the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board, we know the only way to address bullying in all its forms is to start talking about it.

In the following picture, students at Dr. W. A. MacLeod are telling each other their stories in order to learn to appreciate each other's differences.


In some of the elementary classes, they read the book "Only One You".  After, they created beautiful fish to show how being different is great.

Dr. W. A. MacLeod September 2017 Newsletter

The September newsletter for Dr. W. A. MacLeod is now ready.  You can find it by clicking here.

Summer Literacy Calendar

Here are Summer Literacy Calendars for July and August which provide various fun ideas for families.  

Battle of the Cat Food

Battle of the Cat Food


The students from Dr. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated School and West Pictou Consolidated School were involved in a Cat Food Battle.  Students from both school collected dry or wet cat food that would all be donated to CARMA (Cat Rescue Maritimes).  When the final tallies were done, Dr. W. A. MacLeod students won the batlle by collecting 187 items to donate versus the 62 items that students from West Pictou Consolidated had collected.  A big thank you to all those who have made a donation from both schools.


Middle School Boys Softball

Congratulations to our Middle School boys softball team who won the District title and then made it to croosovers in Regionals.

The Battle of the Cat Food

The Battle of the Cat Food 


Students and staff are asked to bring a donation of dry or wet cat food for CARMA (Cat Rescue Maritimes) between June 12 and June 16. 

We have been challenged by West Pictou Consolidated to see which school can collect the most items. 


Let's show those Wolverines that the Coyotes are #1!

DWAM June newsletter

You can download a copy of our June newletter by clicking here.

Lyme Disease Awareness

Please read the following document from Public Health regarding Lyme Disease Awareness.


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