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Hello to our School Community!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and getting the chance to spend time with family and friends.

As you know, the DEECD has announced the plan for students to return to school in September.  With this in mind, we have sent our school supply lists to Walmart and Staples and have posted them on our website on this page.  The DEECD link for all items regarding school return is  

We will continue to update our website as plans unfold.

Take care and enjoy the remaining weeks of summer!

Lee Ann Stacey

Principal of DWAM

Grade 8 Closing Video

Congratulations to all our Grade 8 students on being promoted to high school.  Here is your video of celebration.

We are so proud of your accomplishments!!

Staff of Dr. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated School

Primary Students 2020-21

Dear Parent/Caregiver(s):


Welcome to our school!  We look forward to have your child join us in Grade Primary in the fall.

The past few months have certainly been unusual and have caused a lot of changes in our daily lives.  As you know, much like everything else, schools have been closed since mid-March, which has certainly impacted how we do business.

Typically, we would have held a Primary Orientation session, where we provide information about what you and your child should expect when they begin school in September.  Unfortunately, we were not able to do that this year.  In addition, we are still unsure as to what September will look like with respect to school.  Once we know, we will certainly do our best to inform our school community.  One of the ways we communicate is through our website  Updates are provided there as they become available.  

One of the things we do at our orientation sessions is determine the best placement for our Grade Primary students.  Due to the fact that we were not able to hold this, we are unable to follow our usual procedures for classroom placement.  Therefore, we will be placing students into one of our Primary classrooms in order to have them registered, but this placement may change once we have an opportunity to meet the students.  Many factors are taken into consideration and once we meet the children, we would like to ensure we have made the right decision as to which class they will be in for the remainder of the year.  This means that the teacher to whom your child is assigned the first day we are back to school may not be the teacher for the whole year.  We will take a few days to ensure that children are where we feel they should be academically, socially/emotionally.  At this time, we have two classes – Primary and Primary/One.  

One way you can help prepare your child for school is to read to him/her regularly during the summer; work on letter recognition; work on recognizing their name and/or printing it; use everyday items to help them count things; work on them being able to dress and undress themselves, especially shoes and zippers; opening packages for food; and any other things you feel would be helpful for them to increase their independence.  We have also provided you two booklets in PDF form created by the DEECD with some additional ideas to best prepare your child for school.

We hope you and your families have an enjoyable summer and stay tuned for information about what to expect in the fall!


Take care,


Lee Ann Stacey



NRHS Grade 9 Orientation Video

Hey Grade 8 students!  If you are going to NRHS next year, check out the following video!

Term third report cards

When will I receive my child’s report card?

Report cards are scheduled to be distributed during the week of June 22-26, 2020.  For DR. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated School, June report cards, and IPP reports where applicable, will be issued electronically on Wednesday, June 24th.  Report cards / IPP reports will be sent to the email address provided by the parent/guardian in PowerSchool. 

If you have not received a report card by June 26th, or if you do not have email access, please contact your child’s school (902-755-8450) so that other arrangements can be made to provide you with your child’s report card information.

Students' Belongings Pickup Part 2

Dear Parent/Guardian(s),


Thank you to those who were able to pick up your child’s belongings at Dr. W. A. MacLeod on June 10th.  You were very helpful in allowing us to complete this task in a way that was safe for everyone.


If you were not able to come on Wednesday, we have a few dates available next week for you to come in and collect your child’s belongings.  Monday, June 15th, Tuesday, June 16th and Wednesday, June 17th, DWAM will be accessible for parents/guardians or students to come to school between 9:00 am to 12:00pm.  Please report to the main office and we will help you with this process.


If you have any questions, call our school (902-755-8450) and leave a message.  Someone will return your call.


Once again, thanks for your cooperation!

Student Belongings Pickup Plan

June 3, 2020

Dear families:

I hope you are keeping well during these extraordinary times. It is hard to believe the school year will be ending in the upcoming weeks. We know this is not the year we had planned for in September, but I am proud of our staff, students, and parents/guardians in how we finished the year. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you!

We will be opening our school on June 10th for one student or family member only to come to the school to pick up their belongings and drop off any school items. 

We are counting on you – our students and families – to ensure we follow the standards established by the Nova Scotia Medical Officer of Health.  Specifically:

  • You are required to maintain social distancing requirements of 2m/6ft at all times while in the school. 
  • We ask that you please wash hands with soap and water before you come to the school. 
  • Only one student or one family member are allowed to come into the school. At this time, our school playgrounds are still closed. 
  • If you are in self-isolation, appointments can be made for a family member or friend who is not in self-isolation and not in close contact, to pick up the material. 
  • Do not come to the school if you have COVID-19 symptoms ( 

Please follow the specific instructions to show up only at your given appointment time, only pickup belongings and drop off material as directed and follow all instructions as outlined below to limit time in the school.


For June 10th, we will be having assigned times based on the first letter of the student’s last name. This designated time is for students to both pick up personal belongings and drop off school items such as technology, textbooks, music instruments, etc.

PLEASE ONLY ARRIVE AT YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME.  YOU WILL ONLY BE PERMITTED IN THE BUILDING DURING YOUR APPOINTED TIME. It is extremely important we limit the number of people waiting in one area, due to social distancing requirements.

The schedule will be the following:


9-9:30      A-B

9:30-10:00   C

10:00-10:30   D-F                   

10:30-11:00   G-H

11:00-11:30   I-K

11:30-12:00   L

12:30-1:00   Mac

1:00-1:30 Rest of the M’s

1:30-2   N-Q

2:00-2:30   R

2:30-3:00   S

3:00-3:30   T-Z



Process Once you Arrive at School: 

  • What should I do when I arrive?
    • Follow the instructions to retrieve your belongings and drop off items. 
    • There will be different entrances/exits based on grade level.
    • Students/Parents of students in Primary to Grade 6 would enter the building by the main office door (Designated as Entrance A), make their way to the cafeteria, pick up their belongings and exit the building by the side door (Designated as Exit B).
    • Students/Parents of students in Grade 7 would enter the building by the left front door near the gym (Designated as Entrance C), make their way to the gym, pick up their belongings and exit the building by the side door in the gym (Designated as Exit D).
    • Students/Parents of students in Grade 8 would enter the building by the far side door at the right of the school (Designated as Entrance E), make their way up the stairs to the grade 8 wing, pick up their belongings in the hall, go down the stairs by the Family Studies room and exit the building by the back door (Designated as Exit F).
  • Other School Specific Considerations & Processes
    • If you have students in both elementary and middle school, all the children’s material will be in the elementary section (Cafeteria).  For example, if you have a student in grade 8 and one in grade 3, the supplies for your child in Grade 8 will also be located at the grade 3 table with your other child’s belongings.
    • If you have students in grade 7 and 8, the belongings for your grade 8 child will be with the belongings of your child in grade 7.
    • If your child is in grade 8 and had their Grade 8 picture taken for the Composite Grad picture, their picture proofs will be with their belongings.


  • Is it that serious?
    • Yes!  To ensure the health of your family and our community, we need everyone coming to the school to follow all public health protocols. Our collective action is the best way to support our entire community’s health.  What each of us does at this moment is really important - we are counting on everyone to strictly follow this plan. Together, we can do this!  
    • Please TAKE ACTION to prevent spreading the virus by respecting the following.
      • Touch only what you must.
      • Maintain social distance – keep away from others by at least 6 feet (2 meters).
      • Get in on time.  Pick up your belongings.  Leave right away.


  • Can I take additional family members with me to the school?
    • Only one student or one family member can access the school during your scheduled appointment to ensure we can manage the number of people in the building and follow Public Health protocols.
    • At this time, our school playgrounds are also closed and off-limits to family members. 



Please know we appreciate your help in keeping both our staff and school families safe as we work together to return student belongings. 


Lee Ann Stacey



Develop a Dream Esteem

Find attached information regarding a wellness program for students in grades 6 to 9 from Drem Candy.

File Attachments: 

Term 2 Report Cards

Term 2 Report Cards

Term 2 Elementary and Middle School Report Cards were scheduled to be distributed during the first two weeks of April.  However due to our current school closure this did not occur as planned.  Term 2 report cards, and IPP reports where applicable, will now be issued electronically.  It will take a couple of weeks for all schools to accomplish this task.  Report cards will be emailed to the email address provided by parents in PowerSchool or to the email address parents have most recently been using in communicating with the homeroom teacher.

If you have not received a report card by May 14th, or if you do not have email access, please contact your child’s school (902-755-8450) so that other arrangements can be made to provide you with your child’s report card information.  Make sure to leave your name, your child's name and a phone number to contact you when you leave a message.

After reviewing the report card please let your child’s teacher know if you have any questions.

Parent Website for Grief Resources

Parent Website for Grief Resources that has been developed by Student Services staff in CCRCE and can be found at the following link:

This Parent Resource Site consists of resources for families that touch on helpful information with regards to general symptoms of grief, trauma responses, tips on how to talk and answer questions with children, supporting and managing children's grief/trauma, healthy coping strategies for both children and teens, family friendly activities, local supports, and quick links. 


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