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Physical Education Masks Guidelines from the Department of Educaiton and Early Childhood Development:

“Masks are not required during physical education class where physical distancing can be maintained, during vigorous physical activity, and during activities where the mask presents a safety hazard (these activities should take place outside wherever possible). Masks are not required during outside activities."  All other activities will require a mask. Students may wear a mask even when not required, if they wish.


Physical Education 7&8 Communication Plan

Dear Students, Parent(s) / Guardian(s):

The aim of the Physical Education Program is to enable individuals to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. The Physical Education program is also designed to develop basic movement principles and skills taught previously while introducing new rules, techniques, strategies and knowledge. Emphasis will be on lead-up activities, participation, appropriate behavior, fitness, and skill level.

Program Overview: Throughout the year, students will work towards setting and achieving goals outlined in the Physical Education curriculum. Allowing students to reach these goals through a developmental progression is the main focus.

The three main goals of a Physical Education program are:

(1) Knowing – students will demonstrate their knowledge of various games and physical movement skills and why they are important for maintaining a level of physical fitness.

(2) Doing – students will demonstrate their motor skills and abilities to participate in a variety of movement activities.

(3) Valuing – students will demonstrate positive behaviours and attitudes towards the various activities completed; while showing an appreciation for a healthy, active lifestyle as well as being sensitive towards the feelings and abilities of others.


While working towards achieving the goals outlined above; students will be expected to:

• Demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviors

• Participate in all activities

• Demonstrate good sportsmanship and leadership skills

• Follow the rules of the gymnasium and the active healthy living space

• Demonstrate respect towards one another and self

• Arrive in a timely manner

• Be prepared – PE attire/sneakers


PE Attire: Students should be prepared to participate in outdoor and indoor activities. This year, the preference will be given to outdoor activities. Students will be engaged in outside activities in all seasons; be prepared and dress warm! At the present time locker rooms are not currently available; students should dress in their activewear on P.E. day. Indoor sneakers will be necessary when class is held in the gymnasium.

Illness/Injury: Students who are unable to participate in P.E. due to illness or injury must inform the teacher via a parental note or email at the start of class. Otherwise, if a student is “well-enough” to attend school the student is required to participate in P.E.

Sample of Units Covered: Students will engage in variety of outdoor and indoor activities. Dates are dependent upon facility use and outside environments. Units can change depending on various aspects throughout the year.

Example Units: Cooperative Games, Orienteering, Basketball, Team Handball, Football, Outdoor Education, Floor Hockey Snow Sports, Fitness, Badminton, Dance, Yoga, Ultimate Frisbee, Track and Field Activities, Softball

Assessment and Evaluation: Assessment is the ongoing evaluation of student progress or performance by the teacher. Grades will be based on specific curriculum outcomes and skill levels associated using the CCRCE’s Achievement Level system; four-point scale. For more information about the achievements, please visit the link



Level 4

In-depth knowledge and understanding of content and concepts. Able to extend the application of related skills

Level 3+

Competent knowledge and understanding of content and concepts. Appropriate application of related skills

Level 3

Level 2+

Developing knowledge and understanding of content and concepts. Developing in the application of related skills

Level 2

Level 1+

Limited knowledge and understanding of content and concepts. Limited application of related skills



The following is a sample of ways which students could be assessed:

• Recorded observations

• Small group discussions

• Performance/skill related tasks

• Checklists

• Exit slips

• Games/rules and knowledge quizzes

• Peer/self-evaluation and discussions

• Assignments (depending on the unit covered)


Communication: I am willing to discuss/explain your child’s progress at any time throughout the year and would be happy to hear from you. I would also encourage you to contact me regarding any challenges/conditions (medical) that your child may have that could affect their participation in PE class.


Formal updates concerning your child’s progress:

• Parent-Teacher Conferences

• Report Cards

• PowerSchool Parent Login

• Prearranged meetings which can be set up via phone call or email.


Contact Information: Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Gina MacGillivray

Physical Education, Dr. W.A MacLeod Consolidated School

Phone: (902) 755-8450 Fax: (902) 755-8455