SPIRIT WEEK DECEMBER 16-20!! (note changes for Tuesday/Thursday)


Monday, December 16th “Make a Pattern” Day

Wear something with a pattern. Think polka dots, stripes, checkered patterns, etc.

Tuesday, December 17th “Red and Green” Day

Dress in Christmas colors (red/green), wear your green socks, headband, t-shirt, etc

Wednesday, December 18th . “Fan Favourite” Day

Wear your favourite sports team, music/band, person or movie t-shirt, etc.

Thursday, December 19th “Wacky Hair/Hat” Day

Wear your hair in a wacky way - or hat. Think antler ears, Santa hat, bows, etc.

Friday, December 20th “Comfy Clothes” Day

Wear your most comfortable clothes – pajamas, sweatpants, fluffy socks, slippers. You pick it.