Chris Milbury


Core French 8 

Throughout the year, we'll be working on different units that might change depending on students interests. Our main units will be Hobbies, Music, Holidays, Sports, Travel and Food. Students will learn how to ask and answer structures ( questions and answers) using different verb tenses, adjectives and adverbs. We focus mostly on speaking, but occasianally we write journals or posters based on what is studied and read books and other texts that center around our themes. 

Science 7 

This year, we'll be learning about our three main units which are Environmental Action, Engineering Structures, Geological Evolution in that order. Students will be using Google Classroom as their main source of informaiton where I will be posting scans, sheets, Vocabulary, Assessments, Assignments and all work done in class. 



As of right now, there are no clubs or committess. Please stay posted for any changes that may happen over time.