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Welcome to Integrated French!


This will be an exciting and challenging year for your child as they take on additional French language learning. Many English-speaking parents worry that they will not be able to support their child at home; I have some strategies that will allow you to support your child, and hopefully build your French skills too!


Because of the language barrier, I rarely send traditional homework home. Ample time and support is provided for activities and projects and extra help time is provided during lunch times as needed.  Therefore, work that is taken home is work that needs to be finished up and polished. That being said, I expect students to practice their newly acquired French skills at home. I ask that students engage in a minimum of 20 minutes of French activity a night or an average of 140 minutes a week. This can be listening to music, watching a program or movie, or even playing a game on their phone. This benefits students by exposing them to other French speakers and allowing students to explore the language within their personal interests.


The Integrated French curriculum is based around four strands 

  • Appreciation of culture

  • Speaking and listening

  • Writing and other ways of representing

  • Reading and viewing


Students are assessed on outcomes that fall within these strands through observations, conversations and products such as pieces of writing and projects. Students will be learning through direct instruction, games, small group work, whole class activities and small group instruction.


This year, Social Studies for your child will be in French as well. The theme of the year is Empowerment and throughout the year, we will examine the different types of empowerment;

  • Political Empowerment

  • Social Empowerment

  • Cultural Empowerment

  • Economic Empowerment

  • National Empowerment

Often times, lessons in French and Social Studies will overlap, giving students an opportunity to put into practice their acquired skills.


In order to maximize their learning, I ask that students attempt to speak exclusively in French during class time. It is challenging but the results are much more dramatic. Should students need additional support, additional French time can be provided at lunch.


If you would like to keep up to date on the work being assigned, be sure to check in with Google Classroom. This is where you can find resources, class notes, due dates and assignment descriptions. 


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. You can reach me at the school or contact me via Email.




Sharon Whyte

Dr. WA MacLeod Consolidated

Phone: (902)755-8450