Jenny Ferguson

October 26, 2016

Where is the time going?


Grade 8 Healthy Living has covered Bullying, Time Management, and are currently working on our Mental Health Unit.


Grade 8 Phys. Ed. has covered a Frisbee Unit and are currently finishing the Soccer Unit and Physical Fitness Unit within the Active Healthy Living Room.


Grade 2-5 Phys. Ed. has covered the Physical Fitness Unit focusing on muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and taking their Heart Rate. These classes are currently working on the Soccer Unit.


Jenny Ferguson




September 7, 2016

  Welcome back students! I hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation.

My name is Jenny Ferguson and I will be in for Dave Gordon. This year I will be teaching Physical Education Gr 2-8, along with Healthy Living 8. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me an email.

Jenny Ferguson


Dr. W.A. MacLeod Consolidated School 2016-2017


Teacher: Ms. Jenny Ferguson

Grade 8 Healthy Living


The Healthy Living curriculum is an integral part of the total education process in grade 8 where students gain knowledge and skills and develop attitudes towards their quality of life through active healthy living.  


The outcomes fall under three headings:  Healthy Self, Healthy Relationships and Healthy Community.



Students are asked to have a binder with loose-leaf along with pencils and pens for class.  When needed they will need markers or pencil crayons, construction paper, etc. for class projects.  



  • Come prepared for class
  • Students are expected to participate in classroom activities
  • Respect the learning environment at all times
  • Catch up on missed worked when school time is missed
  • Keep regular attendance, which is a requirement for student success!
  • Have a positive attitude and treat everyone with respect, including classmates, educational assistants and  teachers


-Report cards: late November, early March, end of June

-Parent-Teacher conferences following distribution of November and March report cards

Communication with the classroom teachers may be made by contacting the school through telephone, fax or email at,,,,


Students will be assessed using a variety of methods in order to accommodate a variety of learning styles.  The basic format will include Conversations with students and in group settings, Observations done regularly by myself and final Products (in class assignments and final projects).  Formal tests and quizzes will be a part of our assessment practices.  Assessments will be conducted using a rubric scale where the criteria is provided to the students in advance.


Beginning this year teachers in Grades 7-12 will use the same grades and descriptors. The descriptors are a blend of the percentages and qualitative words used in 9-12 and the updated descriptors’ stem of the new Grades 1-8 descriptors.


90-100%- Demonstrates excellent understanding and application of concepts and skills in relation to the learning outcomes.

80-89% - Demonstrates very good understanding and application of concepts and skills in relation to the learning outcomes.

70-79% - Demonstrates good understanding and application of concepts and skills in relation to the learning outcomes.

60-69% - Demonstrates satisfactory understanding and application of concepts and skills in relation to the learning outcomes.

50-59%- Demonstrates limited understanding and application of concepts and skills in relation to the learning outcomes.

Below 50%- Has not met minimum requirements of the course

INS - Insufficient evidence to determine a grade

IP - In progress until all components of the course are completed.


Dr. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated School

6193 Trafalgar Road, Riverton

RR#1 Stellarton, N.S. B0K 1S0

Tel: (902) 755-8450, Fax: (902) 755-8455


Communication Plan 2016 – 2017

Grade 2-8 Physical Education

Jenny Ferguson


Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s):


     Throughout the year, the students will work towards certain goals based on the provincial Physical Education curriculum outcomes for Grades Two to Eight. The most important part is actually in reaching these goals through the developmental progressions that students will pass through as they grow and develop skills. Three such goals of a Physical Education program are:

(1)               Knowing – students develop an understanding or knowledge of various games and the rules associated with each

(2)               Doing – by participating in various activities students will experience how a game or activity is properly performed

(3)               Valuing – students will understand and appreciate the value of a healthy, active lifestyle (In achieving this, they will need to understand the value of each activity.)

*Each of the previous three goals will be consistently revisited as the class activities change. Also, other goals which may be individually set will hopefully be met as we progress throughout the year.


Teacher Expectations

Students will be expected to:

·         come to class prepared

·         participate

·         show good sportsmanship

·         play fair

·         demonstrate a positive attitude

·         follow all the rules of the gym and active healthy living room

·         respect one another

Assessment and Evaluation

     Assessment is the periodic checking of student work or performance by the teacher. Marks may be generated from the assessment of student progress.

Samples of ways student learning will be assessed include but are not limited to:

·         recorded observations

·         observed level of participation

·         performance related tasks

·         checklists

·         exit slips

·         games/rules knowledge quizzes

*Also from time to time, there may be some small assignments to be completed.



     Parental interest in the Physical Education program is welcomed. You can expect both formal and informal contacts.


·         Meet and Greet

·         Parent Teacher Conferences

·         Report Cards

·         Other prearranged meetings can be made by calling the school at     (902) 755-8450.


·         Please feel free to contact the school or myself anytime if you have any questions or concerns.