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You will find information listed on this page for Grade 8 Integrated French, Sciences Humaines and Social Studies

and Grade 7-4/7-5 Social Studies.

This page will be used to update ongoing and upcoming units and assessments. 

Please check the Website, Google Classroom and Powerschool often to keep updated



French Language Arts

In French Language Arts students will be assessed according to 4 Strands:

  • Appreciation of the French Language and Cultural Diversity.  (This will be covered in correlation to the next three strands.)
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

SEPTEMBER - Students will begin the year working on a unit entitled "Qui suis-je?".

Sciences Humaines / Social Studies 8

The Grade 8 Social Studies program is a compilation of five themes that will be covered through the grade 8 curriculum. The grade 8 curriculum focuses on the development and understanding of Canadian Identity. We will explore theses through 5 units of study:

  • Expressions of Canadian Identity
  • Geographic Influences on Identity  (Landscape and Climat)
  • Decades of Change (History)
  • Citizenship and Identity  (Government)
  • An Evolving Identity (Current Events)

September Students will be starting a short unit exploring Canadian Identit and then begin a unti on Canadian Government just in time for the 2019 Federal election. 

Social Studies 7

The Grade 7 Social Studies program is a compilation of five themes related to Empowerment. The grade 7 curriculum focuses on the development and understanding of Empowerment in relation to the following five themes:


  • Economic Empowerment
  • Political Empowerment
  • Cultural Empowerment
  • Societal Empowerment
  • National Empowerment


Units of Study may include and are not limited to:

An  introduction to empowerment; Residential Schools; Halifax Explosion; African-Canadians in Nova Scotia; BNA and Confederation; World War I



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time. 

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