Lori Fulton

Current Homework:

-8-1 - Read at least 20 pages of your novel, at home, by Monday, October 28

-All classes - First Drafts of Halloween Inspired Writing are overdue


October 2019 - Work Covered So Far...

-Daily independent reading

-Weekly theme activities on going (introduced in September)

-Reading and Comprehension work related to "The Run" - Parts 4, 5, 6, and 7

-Book Exploration Assignment using independent reading novels (focus - text features and layout)

-Halloween Inspired Writing Assignment (assessed for ideas, organization and conventions)

-Elements of Story (Fiction) Vocabulary - note-taking

-Elements of Story Vocabulary - matching and puzzle review

-Elements of Story Vocabulary - movement game and Kahoot



September 2019 - At a Glance

-Reading and Writing Surveys submitted

-Reader's Notebook set up to log daily independent reading (expectation is to read at least one book per month by reading in class and AT HOME)

-Speed Book Dating Stations - students visited six stations to explore the books in our classroom library and create a Reading Bucket List for first term

-Writer's Notebook - Me from A to Z (introductory page)

-Set up of weekly theme activities - Motivational Monday, Text Message Grammar Fails, Would You Rather Wednesday, Think Quick and Write Thursday and First Chapter Friday

-Brain Starts and Quick Write activities

-Reading and comprehension work related to "The Run" series - Parts 1, 2, and 3

-Orange Shirt Day response writing

-Point of View mini-lesson and Kahoot game review

-Introduced classes to the freerice.com site for vocabulary practice and global citizenship