Lori Fulton

Welcome Back!

Attached below is a copy of the Communication Plan for ELA 8.


HOMEWORK - due on Tuesday, October 23 - all classes - first draft of your Halloween Inspired Writing Assignment


October 2018 - What we are Working on...

-Independent Reading and Log Entries

-Brain Starts and Quick Writes

-Grammar Turn and Talks

-8-2,8-3, 8-4 and 8-5 are participating in the Global Read Aloud of Refugee by Alan Gratz

          -Listening Assessment for Chapters 1-3 (5 facts from each chapter)

          -Listening Assessment for Chapters 5 and 6 (Jot and Sketch)

          -Kahoot! game review

          -Chapters 7-9 - Focus Questions for Discussion

          -Viewing Sheet for videos about refugee key terms and myths

          -Escape from Syria - BBC interactive website

          -360 Videos for Syrian setting and refugee camps - VR boxes at library

          -Listening Assessment for Chapters 10-12 (Jot and Hashtag#)

-8-1 - Global Issues Team Research and Presentation

-Halloween Inspired Writing Assignment


September 2018 - What we are Working on...

- Reading and Writing Surveys

- Brain Starts and Quick Writes

- Reading Passages to review inference making, creation of titles, using evidence, answering literal questions, grammar and language rules

- Me from A to Z page in Writer's Notebook

- Self-Portrait Poems

- Independent Reading and Reading Log Entries

- Book Exploration Assignment (using text features to obtain info.)

-Global Citizens Unit