Michael McPherson





  Hello and Happy Spring to all of the MacLeod Family! It is hard to believe spring is here and we only have three months of school left in the school year. In the upcoming months we will be taking a look at Fitness again as well as some paddle and ball activities in the lower elementary. Weather permitting, we will also be active outside and on the rainy days we could be doing some more balloon activities. The upper elementary classes can look forward to doing some skipping, fitness, badminton, and maybe even some volleyball. These students will get outside as things dry up; taking advantage of the Nature Trail and the playground area around the school.

     Like always, if you have any questions regarding the physical education programming or how your individual student is making out in gym class; feel free to contact me at the school by phone or by email. Hopefully, everyone can get some more outside time; enjoying the nice spring weather that we are all hoping for.

Yours in Health,

Michael A. McPherson

P - 6 Physical Education & Resource