Michael McPherson


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     Welcome back from your summer break. Hopefully everyone had a fun, enjoyable summer of activities with your family and friends. I have been assigned to teach all of the elementary grades in the gym as well as working as a resource teacher for a variety of grades. We will be starting out with a Unit in Soccer; focusing on dribbling, kicking, and passing skills. This will be done through a variety of skill progressions, small area games, and some regular soccer games to finish off. Then we will be moving on to a Unit in Basketball for grades two to six and the grade primaries and ones will be using the playground balls to practice their two and one handed bouncing and tossing, as well as some rolling skills. There will also be other oportunities to cover some discussion style outcomes before the end of first term. My communication plan is below. Should you have any questions or require clarification; please feel free to speak to me on the Meet and Greet evening on September 25th or contact me by phone at the school or email me. Below you will find a link to a copy of my Communication Plan if you did not receive a paper copy during the Meet and Greet evening.




     October is flying by quite fast. The Elementary students have completed their Basketball and Playground Ball prgressions; just waiting to finish up some of the basketball games before conducting a dribbling and shooting assessment for Grades 4, 5, and 6. The Grade five students took part in cleaning up our playground area at the school recently; covering one of their outcomes related to being respectful towards our environment both built and natural. Below you will find a link to a picture of a couple of Grade Five students with the bags of garbage they collected The lower Elementary students are just finishing their Playground Ball assessments of bouncing, throwing, and rolling. The upper Elementary students will be introduced to a few new games as well as participating in a few curriculum related discussions for the rest of the month. The Grade primary to three students will be participating in various curriculum related discussions as well. They will also be playing a variety of chasing and fleeing games; along with some fitness development. Hopefully, the students are taking advantage of our last few somewhat warmer days to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise before the frost, ice, and snow surprises us some morning soon. Happy Thanksgiving to all!