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     During November in my gym classes, we have been working on a number of different outcomes to finish up our Term 1 together. The lower elementary students have been discussing and participating in various aspects of physical fitness. This may be done at the first of class using our white board for recording or in the form of a warm up that would get their heart rate elevated and their muscles warmed up. The Primary to Three Classes played a lot of chasing and fleeing games that helped improve their overall fitness related to cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance.  They have learned about topics such as proper pacing, well-being, safety, and learning, using inclusive and supportive language, how to show care and compassion to others, how to move safely throughout the gym, how the established structures and routines maximizes our learning time, what does it mean to collaborate, how class procedures also optimize class safety, and the importance of respecting both the equipment and the environment that we are presently in.

     The upper elementary classes have been learning about the importance of SMART Goals when setting out to achieve something; both in life and fitness related.  The students have also learned that "Rock, Paper, Scissors" is a quick way to peacefully resolve a disagreement in gym class. The Grade Five students even learned various ways to use their coping strategies and peaceful conflict resolution skills in other areas of their school life. The Grade Four class reviewed the importance respecting themselves and others during their interactions with their classmates. The Grade Six class learned how to be a cooperative member of a group or team as well as the importance of ensuring "Fairness" is a part of each and every gym class. The Upper Elementary students were introduced to some new games and activities such as Mush Ball, Let's Make A Deal, Sneak Attack, Cage Ball, Get It Back, and Cone Ball to name a few.

     I look forward to seeing many of the parents/guardians of the children that I teach Physical Education to this year. I will be in the downstairs Resource Room; which is the first class to your left when you come in the front doors. It is Room #104 and it is across from one of the cafeteria exits and close to the Boys Washroom. I will also be available to talk to any Junior High Parents/Guardians who may wish to see me regarding their child and their progress in Grade Eight English and Math as well as Grade Seven Math. These are the students that I work with as a Resource Teacher on a daily basis upstairs. We will be beginning our second term, so the students will be covering various outcomes and activities that have been set up for this time period. We will hopefully get outside a little; as we will loose some of our gym time due to special events and the Seasonal  Concert in December.  


Yours in Health,

Michael A. McPherson