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Communication Plan 2017– 2018

P-7 Physical Education

Michael A. McPherson



Dear Parent(s) / Guardian(s):


Throughout the year, the students will work towards certain goals based on the provincial Physical Education curriculum outcomes for Grades Primary to Eight. The most important part is actually in reaching these goals through the developmental progressions that students will pass through as they grow and develop skills. Three such goals of a Physical Education program are:

  1. Knowing – students develop an understanding or knowledge of various games and the rules associated with each

  2. Doing – by participating in various activities students will experience how a game or activity is properly performed

  3. Valuing – students will understand and appreciate the value of a healthy, active lifestyle (In achieving this, they will need to understand the value of each activity.)

*Each of the previous three goals will be consistently revisited as the class activities change. Also, other goals which may be individually set will hopefully be met as we progress throughout the year.


Teacher Expectations

Students will be expected to:

  • come to class prepared

  • participate

  • show good sportsmanship

  • play fair

  • demonstrate a positive attitude

  • follow all the rules of the gym and active healthy living room

  • respect one another


Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment is the periodic checking of student work or performance by the teacher. Marks may be generated from the assessment of student progress.

Samples of ways student learning will be assessed include:

  • recorded observations

  • observed level of participation

  • performance related tasks

  • checklists

  • exit slips

  • games/rules knowledge quizzes

  • peer evaluation/discussions

*Also from time to time, there may be some small assignments and projects to be completed.



Parental interest in the Physical Education program is welcomed. You can discuss your child's progress at any time during the school year.

  • Meet and Greet

  • Home Phone Contact

  • Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Report Cards

  • Other prearranged meetings can be made by calling the school or sending me an e-mail.




Michael A. McPherson

P-8 Physical Education Teacher




Welcome back students! It is great to be back for another year of Physical Education and extra-curricular activities. In gym class the students will be participating in a variety of activites, games, and sports experiences throughout the year focusing on being Active for Life, developing and improving skill and movement concepts, as well as making connections and developing life skills outside of school in the community. There are lots of other clubs, teams, and activites to get involved in here at the Dr. W.A. MacLeod Consolidated. Sports that will be starting up right away include: Junior High Boys and Girls Soccer as well as Junior High Cross-Country Running. These are dependant upon having coaching available and enough students signed up to field a team. Grade Six students are reminded that if the sport or activity is not offered at the Elementary Level; then they are more than welcome to sign up for Junior High activities. Students are encouraged to get involved in their school community, so that they make the most of their time here at school; finding a good balance between academics and social involvement. 

Yours in Health!

Mr. McPherson


October was another busy month at Dr. W.A. MacLeod Consolidated with both Gym Classes and various sports teams. The Grade 8 students learned the fundamentals of the game of Lacrosse during M'ikmaq History Month. They were able to partcipate in a few games to use their acquired skills and develop some offensive and defensive strategies. The Junior High Boys and Girls Soccer Teams continued their stellar play in the local Pictou County leagues. Both the Elementary and Junior High Cross Country teams participated in several meets throughout the county and beyond. The Junior High Boys Basketball Team had their tryouts and started regular practices on Tuesdays and Fridays.

All the Best in the Fall!

Mr. McPherson


      November has continued to be quite busy here at Dr. W.A. MacLeod Consolidated! Our Boys and Girls Junior High Soccer Teams moved on to Regional Play Downs; with the Girls getting Bronze and the Boys receiving Silver. Congratulations to all of our soccer athletes for a great season on the soccer pitch! The Junior High Cross Country Team sent a Boys Team to the Provincials at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax. Representing our school were Nathanael King, Liam Berthiume, John Waller, Thatcher Keay, and Robert McPherson. Congratulations goes out to the entire team, but especially Liam who finished 25th in the Junior Boys Category for the whole province! SMART Goals were introduced to the Grade 4 students and revisited by the Grade 8 students during this month's activities in gym class. The curriculum is trying to encourage students to put some thought into how, when, with or without weights, and for how long they should be active and participating in some sort of fitness related activity. The weather is getting cooler, so students will be inside more. They may have to adjust their play selections until more snow and outside winter activities can begin. It is always important to become engaged in various physical activity opportunities at school as well as something outside of the school setting in your community.

Your in Fitness!

Mr. McPherson 


Happy New Year to all! January will see students learning to utilize their strength, flexibility, balance, and agility to perform various gymnastic maneuvers throughout the Gymnastics Unit. These movements and balances will be performedc on the mats as well as low and medium height appartuses. Students will be participating in a variety of symetrical and asymetrical balances along with some weight transfer activities. Students will also get to experience some outdoor winter activities; depending on the amount of snow we receive and weather conditions permit. These activities will probably take us into the month of February; where we will switch to other indoor activities and topics related to the curriculum.

Take care for now!

Mr. McPherson