Lisa MacKinnon

Welcome to Miss MacKinnon's GRADE 3 class page!



It is such a pleasure to have lots of new, smiling faces in my grade 3 class this year!!


Here is a little bit about what we are up to in Grade 3 this month...

On September 14th, we have Stand Up! Speak Out! We will be talking about Bullying and doing some school-wide activities.

Math: We will be working on Patterns and Relations with a good review of number sense.

ELA: This term, students will be working on descriptive writing, as well as, some elements of expository writing. With reading, we will be going over all the elements of a Just Right Book and the students will be getting a chance to get familiar with their new classroom library!


Looking forward to meeting everyone on Meet and Greet September 20th (6pm-7pm)!


*You can find a copy of my communication plan at the bottom!*


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