Welcome back! I am looking forward to spending the school year with your child. As the year goes along, I will be posting what we are doing in each subject area for that month. We are just getting settled in with rules, routines and expectations at this time.

Weekly Words: Currently we are reviewing the grade 1 words in class. I will be sending home the grade 2 "no excuse" words later this month. These words will be taught and practiced throughout the year. practice at home will be beneficial as well.

Math: We will be working on patterns for most of this month

Social Studies: We will be learning about each other

Health: We will be working on anit-bullying and how to be a good friend

Reading: The children are practicing choosing their "just right"  books and using a variety of strategies while they are reading. The are also working on reading quietly to themselves and with a buddy.


*We are learning the different things to do in Literacy centers, as well as practicing them so that the students become independent with these activities.