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Dr. W.A. MacLeod Consolidated
6193 Trafalgar Road

Stellarton, NS  B0K 1S0

Phone: (902) 755-8450

Principal:  Lee Ann Stacey

Vice Principal:  Guy Aucoin


Adapted Sport Opportunities in Pictou County 2018/19

Adapted sport opportunities in Pictou Co. 2018/2019


Youth Special Olympics:  School age 5 year olds until end of Grade 6.  Wed 5:30-6:30, AG Baillie, School, New Glasgow.  Starts early Oct- end of May.  No cost. Children will have the opportunity to try several sports such as soccer, basketball, track and field, bowling, floor hockey, etc.  Focus is on having fun and early fundamentals of sports.  Contact: Crystal Cameron 902-396-8717, john.crystal@ns.sympatico.ca

Gymnastics: At the Pictou Co gymnastics club.  (The old YMCA). Sat. 5:30-6:30. No cost.

Contact: Adam Casey:   adam.Casey@MacGregors.ca or the gymnastic club.


Sledge Skating through Kinsman and Active Pictou Co.   Ages 4-12. Sleds, helmets provided. 20.00 Per child (or 30 per family) for approximately 20 weeks.  You also can register any Sun at 5:00.  Runs mid Oct to early March.

http://www.activepictoucounty.ca/about-us/news-and-events/kinsmen-add-learn-to-sledge-to-power-skating-program/ Contact: John MacMillan, John.L.MacMillian@novascotia.ca


Swimming through Special Olympics Pictou Co. Location: Pictou Co YMCA, at the Wellness Center. Cost: $50.00 for 13 weeks.  Contact: Allison Lynch 902-695-2148, allison_lynch@hotmail.com


Challenger baseball. Run July/Aug. Contact: Allison Lynch 902-695-2148, allison_lynch@hotmail.com


Wheelchair curling At the Bluenose curling club, New Glasgow. Runs from early Nov- mid March. For any athlete who would find standing on ice a challenge (i.e. athlete does not need to use wheelchair at all time). Ages 8-18. Contact: Crystal Cameron 902-396-8717, john.crystal@ns.sympatico.ca


These sports are all adapted to suit the needs of your child.  Even if program has started if you wish to join contact the person with the program to see if your child can still join.

DWAM October Newsletter

You can access the October Newsletter by clicking here.

Trenton Park Cross Country Meet

Some DWAM students particpated this past Monday at the Trenton Park Cross Country Meet.



Hopewell 4H 2018-19 Registration


Hopewell 4H 2018-2019 Registration


When: Monday, September 24

Where: Eureka Fire Hall

Time: 6:30-7:30pm

4-H is a youth organization which encourages care and responsibility for our resources

and builds positive life skills to secure the future of rural Nova Scotia.

 ‘Learn to do by Doing' is our motto.

4-H Age Reminder!

All members must be of eligible age by January 1, 2019. eg: If a youth’s birthdate falls on January 2, 2019 and they are turning 7, their 4-H age is still 6 years and they are not eligible until the 2019-2020 season.

Cloverbuds: 7 & 8 years

Juniors: 9 - 13 years

Seniors: 14 - 21 years

Some of the projects/learning opportunities offered in our club include crafts, cake decorating, foods, scrapbooking, photography, floriculture, welding, woodworking, animal projects, public speaking, and  community service.

If you are interested in learning more and want to register with the Hopewell 4H Club please join us.

Help Your Child.....Series

Please view the following series of sessions entitled "Help Your Child....Series" offered by the Nova Scotia Health Authority; Mental Health and Addictions in collaborations with SchoolsPLus Pictou Co. 

DWAM September 2018 Newsletter

The September newsletter is now available.  Click here to download it.

Meet and Greet Wednesday, September 19th

The Meet and Greet will be held from 6 to 7 pm at Dr. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated School on Wednesday, September 19th.  Come meet your child/children's teachers for this year.


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