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Principal:  Lee Ann Stacey

Vice Principal:  Guy Aucoin


Buses Traveling on Paved Roads only- January 20th pm

Please note that Buses will be traveling on paved roads only for this afternoon.  (https://ccrce.ca/news/afternoon-buses-travelling-paved-roads-only)

Please contact the school if you need to make alternate arrangements for your child. (902-755-8450).

January Newsletter

Take a look at our January  Newsletter by clicking here.

Return to In-Person Learning January 2022

On Monday, January 17th, students will be returning to school for in-person learning, which will be Day 1 in our schedule.  As students return to school, there are a number of new and existing procedures that students need to be aware of or be reminded of.

  • If students feel ill, they should be staying home.  Please make sure to contact the main office to let us know of your child’s absence and reason for absence (including symptoms).  If students come to school sick or become sick during the day, we will be contacting home to come and pick up your child.
  • Contact tracing will no longer be done in schools.  A document from the Government of Nova Scotia entitled “Fact Sheet: Slowing the Spread of COVID-19” has been attached and describes the expectations of reporting Positive COVID cases to schools.  
  • 3 layer masks are to be worn properly by students while at school (unless actively eating, drinking, participating in rigorous physical activity or when outside).  Two masks will be provided to each student when they return to school.  If wearing a mask improperly or not at all becomes an issue with students, it will be addressed by teachers and administration.  Masks will continue to be mandatory while students are on school buses. 
  • Because of the cohorting of students, we ask that students not be dropped off at school before 8 am if they are being driven to school.  This will facilitate the monitoring of students before they enter the school.
  • Students are asked to bring a water bottle to school.  These can be filled in the water coolers at school during the day.
  • Students are also asked to bring their Chromebook and charger back to school when they return on Monday.
  • Be mindful that many of our Phys. Ed classes will be occurring outside.  Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately to participate in those outdoor Phys. Ed activities.
  • Non-essential visitors are not permitted in the building.  If you need to speak to the school, please do not hesitate to call the main office at (902)755-8450.
  • Not all students will be eating in the cafeteria in order to ensure cohorting is respected. Some students will be eating in their classroom. Students will still be able to order from the cafeteria once they get to school.
  • Middle school students will continue to travel from class to class.  Students will also be able to use their lockers at appropriate times.  These movements of students will be closely monitored by staff. 
  • When outside during lunch/recess, groups of classes will be cohorted together with no more than three classes in the same area. 


I have also attached a letter to parents  from Dr. Strang, NS Chief medical Officer of Health.


Please take the time to discuss these items with your child before Monday.  If you have any questions or need clarification, do not hesitate to contact the school.


Guy Aucoin

Acting Principal 

Chromebook pick-up change in times

Due to the pending weather and change in time for school site closure today, the times for the Chromebook pickup for today (Friday) will be from 9-11:30 instead of 12:30.

Sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause.

Online Learning/ Chromebook pick-up

As you have heard through the news conference from Premier Houston and Doctor Strang or have read from the email from our Regional Executive Director of Education, Gary Adams, students will be moving to online learning for the week of January 10th to 14th.  Teachers will be emailing the parents in the next day or two to explain what the online experience will look like for your children.  The urgent matter is to ensure that students have access to technology in order to participate in online learning next week.

Chromebooks have been assigned to each student.  In the next two days, there will be opportunities for parents/students to come and pick them up if they don't aready have their Chromebooks at home.  Distribution of technology will happen at the various doors at the school.  Students from classes 12Bowden and 2Prince will pick up their technology at the entrance by the gym, students from the classes 34McPherson and 3Bannerman will pick up their technology at the front entrance, students in classes 5Galvin, 56Hudry and 6Roberts will pick theirs up on the first side door, students in grade KMaldre and K1MacDonald will be at the second side door and finally Middle School students will picked up their Chromebook if they left it at school by the back door. While picking up the Chromebooks, please make sure to be wearing  a mask and to respect Social Distancing.  For Middle School students who were using a Chromebook at school and it is in for repair, please come to the main office to pick up a spare Chromebook.


The times for Chromebook pick-up will be as follows:

Thursday from 10 am-12 pm, 12:45 pm-2:20 pm

Friday from 9 am-12:30 pm

If you cannot pick up the Chromebook at these times and want to arrange another time or if you have any questions, please email at aucoing@ccrce.ca .

Optional French Program 2022-23


Registration for Optional French Programs for the 2022-2023 school year is open as of January 5th!

Please find attached a poster regarding information for regsiteration for these optional French programs.  Postcards will also be sent home with grade 3 and 6 students in the enar future.

Application forms and detailed information regarding optional French Programs can also be found on our website:  www.ccrce.ca/optional-french-programs .

Please note: Paper applications will no longer be accepted. If parents are unable to register online, please have them contact: Jessica Hinton at AllenJ@ccrce.ca or 902-324-9954 or Stephanie Burke at BurkeS@ccrce.ca or 902-324-9824.

The deadline for online registration for ALL OPTIONAL FRENCH PROGRAMS is: Friday, FEBRUARY 18, 2022

January 6th- Day 2

When students return to school on Thursday, January 6th after our Holiday Break, it will be Day 2.

DWAM Holiday Concert 2021

Here is the link to our 2021 Holiday Concert.  A special thanks to all the students who took part in the concert, to all the teachers who helped out and of course to our Music teacher, Ms Gilby for putting this together.


You can access the concert by clicking here.

Adjustments due to new restrictions

Due to the new restrictions announced today, the following adjustments will need to be made starting tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, December 14th) until Christmas break, students will be eating in their classrooms instead of eating in the cafeteria.  Students can still order from the cafeteria for break and lunch as they are coming into the school, but one student from the class will go down to the cafeteria at lunch and break to pick up the order for the class.

The other important reminder is that students need to be wearing their mask at all times, including when they are outside.  Mask can be removed for eating and drinking only.   During indoors physical education, masks can only be removed if students can be physically distanced. 

There will be no mixing of classes for lunchtime activities or in class activities.   At this time, students will continue to travel from class to class, but students need to stay on the right hand side of the hallway, need to walk directly to their classes and of course, need to be wearing their masks. 

School sports will be limited to skills-training sessions only with no games being played.

We would like to thank students and parents/guardians for their cooperation in following these new procedures as we try to keep everyone safe.


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